Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Superman Beanies

Continuing with my Superhero craze, I had made a Superman beanie....

(Every pattern that I currently have available to download is in Word format and is downloadable on my Scribd. If I do not have a pattern there, then I do not have a downloadable version of it. Please do not e-mail me with requests of patterns, as I most likely will not even check my e-mail. I apologize for this but I have a full-time job now and no longer keep up with the pattern requests. Thanks, and here is the link to my Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/ashley_holden_14)

I used my General Beanie Pattern for this. 

I actually bought the pattern for the logo, so I won't post it on here (but you can buy it here for pretty cheap). You can probably also create one yourself, it wouldn't be hard to duplicate.

Then, you would just need to stitch the "S" on it. There's a great tutorial here.

Of course, I usually make them into sets with my Diaper Cover Pattern.....
 (Look at my post Diaper Cover Patterns for more about my diaper covers)

******Credit is given where due, I don't claim any patterns to be mine that are not. If you use this pattern please link back to Butterfly’s Creations, please do not claim patterns as your own that are not yours. I also ask that you do not repost my pattern, it takes quite a bit of time to count everything out and type these up so please give credit where it's due. *****

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