Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eddystone Light Quilt

This will be a quilt compiled of an Eddystone Light pattern. I made the pattern for it and scanned the exact fabrics that I will use; and have placed them in the appropriate places. It's not complete. Where you see plain white spots is where I'm stuck at. I can't find anymore coordinating fabric to go in those places. Considering that I do my quilts by using whatever I have in fabrics, it's hard to match a whole quilt completely with corresponding fabric. So, for now this is all that I have, just a plan. I have started on it, but I can't go far without more fabric. As soon as I get more, I'll update the diagram below.

Houston's Baby Blankets

So far I've made two baby blankets for Houston. They were very plain, I didn't want to do anything that would take awhile to work on since I started them really late in my pregnancy.

The first one has a pattern to it, which I didn't plan on in the first place. I just started cutting squares of gingham-printed fabrics in various lighter colors & eventually decided to figure out a pattern with the pieces. Only one of the pictures below can you make out that the fabric was actually gingham. I think I like the backing fabric the most, though; it's a really cute assortment of bears that also have a gingham pattern on them, along with striped patterns and polka-dot patterns. These were the first quilts that I ever quilted together, and I did it on a sewing machine instead of by hand. Also on the sewing machine, I stitched out his first and last name on the bottom and top borders of the first quilt. I entered these quilts in the fair, but didn't get any prizes for them.

The second one is a little more colorful & bright. It basically has the same patchwork type of theme, but with bears on half the fabric and a plain red color on the other half:

My Earlier Quilts

My first quilts consisted only of tapestry scenes with corresponding color borders around them. I started at 14 years old while staying with my aunt for the summer, so the tapestry-type of quilts with a fleece fabric backing were perfect for a beginner. Also, being that I was a beginner; I didn't quilt together any of these earlier quilts, I just tacked them together. That was the same age I was when I made all of these following quilts. I made a horse/cowboy one for my friend Stephanie, two Dale Earnhardt ones (one for Justin and one for my little cousin, Tyler), and one other for an older school friend. That school friend bought all the fabric for me and she wanted a queen-size dolphin blanket made with it. She ended up buying way too many tapestry scenes and now I'm left with about 5 extra that I have no idea who to make them for.

The following baby quilt looks like it took me a lot more time than it really did. It looks like I pieced it all together, but actually the top f this quilt only had four pieces to it. The bandanas that I found at Hobby Lobby to make this quilt are non-existent now, which was unfortunate for me when I found out that I was pregnant because I wanted to make a replica of that baby quilt for my baby. If you look at the pattern really close, you can tell where each of the bandanas are at(each f the four corners). It was really a simple quilt to make. This quilt was also tacked together instead of quilted, just like the rest of my earlier quilts.

I turned the corner down for this picture so the fleece design on the back could be shown:

Recipe Scrapbook

I had never heard of recipe scrapbooks until my aunt came to me to make one for her of my grandmother's, great grandmother's, and other relative's recipes. I made this while away at college in Fall of 2007. I picked a few of the pages that I think turned out good to show you:

Grandmother's Memorium Scrapbook

This would have to be the most meaningful scrapbook to date. This would be the memorium of my maternal grandmother, made in 2004. It was a 8"x8" mini album. I picked out a few of my favorite pages: