Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Better Patterns!!!

I have made a few changes to my General Beanie Pattern to add Pom-Poms and to clarify some things with more instructions and an added note about my pattern on the top! I also changed all my posts  to reflect this changes, so please check them out if you have had any issues with my patterns or are just interested in them!

I've also recently bought an infant mannequin head, so I added pictures of the beanies modeled on the mannequin to some of my posts and will get more up when I make more inventory. The posts with new pictures are:

And, I have added new sizes to a pattern that I only had one size for... my Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Beanies post!

I wanted to fix my current posts before added new ones BUT I am still working on typing up things to add new patterns to the blog (as I posted about previously), and will post them REALLY soon! So, make sure you look for those FREE patterns, I have 20 drafts waiting to be finished and posted so there will be plenty to come! And some others that I will be selling, including my modified Diaper Cover Pattern & Overall-ed Diaper Cover (that I use for my minion sets).

Ashley Holden
Butterfly's Creations

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