Sunday, September 1, 2013

Superhero Photography Props

I recently came across an Etsy shop with adorable patterns for newborn photography props, and HAD to buy the superhero bundle that she had for sale (you can buy it too here). It has 6 different photography sets. And, so far, I've made these props...

From the Iron Man pattern, I also created one of my baby sets & a beanie for my son's birthday. I used her mask pattern for the inspiration, but didn't like the double strands look (her patterns are all done double stranded) so I made it into a single stranded version. And, I used her pattern for the power source to put on the bottom. I won't post my edited version, though, because I paid for the original. The beanie was made with my General Beanie Pattern, and you can read about my Diaper Covers.

These photography sets turn out super cute and only take about an hour per piece, so it's very worth it in my opinion. If you do buy them, make sure you are EXTREMELY loose with your crocheting. That's something I had issues with at first and my finished products were turning out tiny, my crocheting is usually very tight.

The ones I bought were in a bundle here, but included these 6 individual patterns (Batman & Robin come together):

******Credit is given where due, I don't claim any patterns to be mine that are not*****

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