Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Revamp/ Corrections of the Blog

I just went through and fixed some issues in my already published posts! Some of my basic patterns were rewritten in a way that will make the finished products look better.... So, in turn, I went through and changed those details on basically EVERY post since I write all my patterns based off the same basic one. I also put in new pictures with BETTER picture quality/coloring, so I hope that helps in showing you the true looks of these finished products!

Also, I have a BUNCH of patterns that I'm going to post soon (I have just as many drafts as I do published posts at this point). I'm making a lot for my son's birthday and for Christmas gifts. I haven't been posting a lot because of this...busy making stuff instead of blogging, but I'll get them up here soon!

Things to come:
A lot of Superhero designs (I only have a son)!
Movie character designs!
Some sewn designs, instead of just crocheting!

-Ashley, "Butterfly", owner/maker of Butterfly's Creations

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Please contact me with anything you might like to order, any ideas/requests that you think of for a pattern, or any questions you might have.

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