Saturday, August 3, 2013

Drink Coasters

I was recently trying to come up with something to add into some gifts that I had given people, something that wouldn't take too long... so, I found this tutorial for drink coasters. I made two sets for two different people.....

These took no time at all, so they would make a great last minute addition to a gift if you feel like you're gift is lacking. Make sure you try to do them in colors matching their living/dining room or kitchen.

As always, I edited the patterns a bit to make them make more sense and to compress them a bit....

Drink Coasters
(I used size H hook)

Chain 5, join to form a loop
Round 1: Chain 3, (DC 1, Chain 1) 7 times into the loop, DC once more, join the round
Round 2: Chain 1, SC around (into each DC and each Chain 1 space of previous round), join
Round 3: Chain 3, (DC in next, Chain 1) 16 times, DC once more, join
Round 4: Chain 1, SC around
Round 5 (this is where I used a different color yarn for the coasters with a border): (Skip next, DC 5 in next, skip next, SC in next) 7 times, skip next, DC 5 in next, skip next, join
Finish off.

******Credit is given where due, I don't claim any patterns to be mine that are not*****

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