Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Crocheting Projects

The next thing I did after getting the hang of crocheting, was to go back to Walmart and look for more yarn. Well, I ended up finding another couple books with patterns in them, mostly baby stuff. The book titles are listed below, and I also found them at Hobby Lobby (for reference). I found out how fun baby stuff was to make and started pumping out things, even though I had no babies to make stuff for (my son is a toddler and too old for that stuff). Again, I won't post the patterns for these because I actually had to pay for them. You can find some general hat patterns for free online, but the diaper covers in this book are better than any free ones I've found online (it is more contoured like a diaper really is).

The first book I bought was one for 5 different sets of Hat & Diaper Covers, which I had so much fun making. (My phone doesn't take very great picture, so I apologize for the quality).....

The second book I bought was a Crochet Booties book, which I have only tried a couple designs out of so far (more pictures to come).

And, the third book was a Headwraps book. I have only made one design out of, but plan to do so when I run out of baby designs to make.

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